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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

National Motorsport Academy is delighted to say that as an online organisation, there will be no disruption to the service offered to all existing and new students. All Bachelor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees can be delivered entirely online. Students do not have to travel to study and can continue to learn from the comfort and safety of their own homes.  Worldwide, students will continue to have unlimited access to personal tutors and student support services via phone, email, Skype and the VLS online platform.

Following the latest Government advice, all NMA staff are now working from home once again. They are fully equipped to work remotely with VOIP phones, Skype, VPN and the VLS online platform, which is stored safely on cloud based servers.  We will continue to reply to all social media messaging, emails and telephone enquiries.

Existing Students:

Many of our students are also experiencing changes to their working patterns, for example, because their children are not at school, they are taking care of other dependents, or have their own health issues to consider. Should anything get in the way of your studies please let us know what your personal issues are, & we will be as flexible as possible to do what we can to help you on a case by case basis. In contrast many of our students have told us that with more time spent at home they are now able to work more quickly through their course! Whatever your circumstances we will continue to support you.

We understand that the impact of the outbreak may affect each of us in a variety of ways and, as a result, we will all have many different questions and concerns. We want to work together to support each other. Stay safe & stay in touch!

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