The Search for the NMA’s Best Sim Racer is Underway

The National Motorsport Academy are exploring the idea of running an online racing league with prizes up for grabs. Please register your interest below and complete the following questionnaire.

Showcase your skills in NMA’s eSports league

Exciting prizes up for grabs – available to the top 3

Network and race with the NMA community

First we need your help

Our initial thoughts are to have an open practice session where you can practice independently the week of the race, and then an official time slot on one day will consist of qualifying and the race.

Your answers are very much appreciated so that we can determine an appropriate race series or several series over several platforms/simulators.  

Register Your Interest

As part of our preparation for the full championship, we intend to run 'test sessions'. By completing this form, you'll have the chance to receive an exclusive invitation to participate in these 'test sessions' and leave your feedback. If you're interested, keep an eye on your inbox over the next few weeks for the chance to sign up. You must opt in below to recieve this invitation.

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