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Teaching and Learning

All courses at the NMA are offered as online distance learning courses. This means that all interactive course content can be accessed online via our bespoke Virtual Learning Studio (VLS) platform, where students can also chat to other students on our lively VLS forum and contact their personal tutor whenever they wish.

What Is the VLS?

The VLS is the NMA’s bespoke online learning platform that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world through the internet. The VLS houses all the written, video and interactive course material that is easy to understand and that releases one module of work at a time.

On successful completion of a unit or module, the VLS will update and release the next module of work for your course. It shows you your target date to complete the module so you can plan your time efficiently. Although targets for completion of assignments are important, an extension can usually be granted if requested in advance. We understand that many of our students are juggling other work and family commitments at the same time as their studies.

Do I Get My Own Tutor?

The NMA has a team of dedicated staff and their goal is to support our students in every way possible to achieve their qualification in motorsport engineering. Each student will be allocated a personal tutor and each specialist module will be taught by a tutor who is a subject expert in that field. The tutors can be contacted via email, phone or Skype as often as you need.

Are There Any Assessed Exams?

Assessments are based on coursework, so no exams to worry about. The Mathematics for Motorsports module is assessed through online, multiple choice tests which you can take at any time to suit you.

Will I Be Able to Communicate with Other NMA Students?

Yes, we have a much celebrated online student forum, located on the VLS. This is a closed forum so only NMA students can join the conversations.

We have an extremely active student and alumni-base on the forum and whenever you visit, even evenings or weekends, when tutors are away from the office, there are always others willing to support you.

How Can You Teach Motorsport Engineering Online?

Motorsport engineering is, in essence, a very practical subject, however, our ten step plan makes studying online easy.

  1. Log onto the VLS and complete an online induction which introduces you to your tutor, the VLS and all the information about how the programme will be studied.
  2. Complete a short worksheet on the information covered then upload this to complete the induction process.
  3. The next module is then automatically released.
  4. See your personal deadline and how long you have to complete the module.
  5. Read the interactive module content, watch the module videos and read more extensively from the reading list supplied online and in the Student Handbook.
  6. Complete formative tasks to help you develop the requisite skills and knowledge.
  7. Complete all assignment tasks and upload your work through the VLS.
  8. You can ask your tutor for feedback before finally submitting work for marking.
  9. Receive detailed written feedback against each assessment criteria and how to improve your performance in the future.
  10. Talk to your tutor or our Student Support Team as often as you wish by telephone, VLS mail or Skype.

Are There Any Additional Resources that I Can Access?

The VLS holds a multitude of resources designed to support and aid your learning throughout the course. There is a comprehensive reading least for each specialist module and there are links to additional resources provided by our university partner, De Montfort University.

Are the Courses Accredited?

At NMA we firmly believe that all learning should be accredited. Our undergraduate degrees and our Master’s Degree are awarded by our Academic Partners, De Montfort University Leicester (DMU).

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