National Motorsport Academy at the MIA Motorsport & Automotive Jobs Fair 2017 29 March 2017

The NMA presented their view of “Learning and Earning” to the attendees of the MIA Jobs Fair at Silverstone last week.

MIA Jobs Fair 2017 Sponsored by National Motorsport Academy

With close to 1000 employees and students expected at the Fair, this was always going to be a big day for the NMA with possibly hundreds of people looking to combine a job with studying and up-skilling with our online degree program.

MIA Jobs Fair 2017 MIA Jobs Fair 2017 NMA

Not only that, but our 30 minute presentation that was snappily titled “Needing to study for a University Degree whilst maintaining Full time employment? It can be done!had all but a few seats taken as interested parties listened and then bombarded us with so many questions we had to be ushered away so the next presentation could be set up!


In passing I should note; we took the Lotus and the Mosler and whilst they looked lovely together I did think that we were “Top Trumped” by Renault F1 and Mercedes F1 bringing their cars……………………

 mercedes MIA Jobs Fair

The hall at The Wing in the Silverstone International Conference Centre was rammed tight with hopefuls who were handing CV’s and having discussions about their future – it was fantastic. I have written before about a lack of good engineers coming out of University (and we are helping to change that of course) and it was hugely encouraging meeting and talking to these well qualified and highly motivated people. The NMA received some of the best applications for its Course’s that we have ever had so I can absolutely say it was a success for us and I hope it was for every attendee. The next date will be in the diary as soon as it is announced.

Finally, I want to give a shoutout to Mission Motorsport whose came to see us – they work tirelessly, in their own words, “To aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations by providing opportunities through Motorsport.” It will be an honour for NMA to do their part in helping as much as we can.

Roger Grimshaw - NMA Tutor