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Motorsport is one of the most exciting and fast-paced industries you could hope to work in. Many motorsport jobs involve world travel, great team-spirit and always fast cars or bikes. Here at the National Motorsport Academy, we ensure that all students are prepared for life in the fast lane.

Our brand-new Motorsport Business Management programmes are industry-led, taught by experienced professionals and will provide you with the best preparation for a new or existing career in the business of Motorsport or the commercial and entrepreneurial skills to run your own motorsport related business.

MA Business of Motorsport Course Guide

After you Graduate

After graduation from the NMA, we support all our students in finding jobs within the motorsport industry. With students currently working in the majority of the 10 F1 teams, the World Rally Championship, World Endurance and many other racing series, you can be sure that our qualifications are tailored to help you get a job in motorsport when you graduate.

Specialist Postgraduate Business Management Staff are in short supply and highly sought after by the Global Motorsport Industry

We’ve put a list together of just a few of the motorsport business careers available:

Marketing Management in Motorsport

Marketing is a massive part of motorsport. It is the link between the teams and the fans, the tracks and the sponsors and the roles are vast and varied.

Fans generate money, as do sponsors so a slick image is imperative in motorsport. Anyone looking to work in motorsport marketing management must have an eye for detail and a passion for the industry. Connecting with the audience is the ultimate aim of the motorsport marketing manager. You will need to be highly commercial, good with reports and have a good understanding of modern marketing methods.

The MA Business of Motorsport will help you access the following top jobs in motorsport marketing:

Team Based Operations Roles

Running a race team is a complex undertaking. From logistics to generating the revenue required to race, team-based motorsport management opportunities are highly sought-after, so you’ve got to be at the top of your game.

You’ll be highly commercial and analytical as well as have an understanding of the other disciplines which make up team motorsport – engineering, R&D, marketing, finance and supply chain. You’ll often be responsible for the P&L so you’ll also have a good head for figures.

The MA Business of Motorsport will help you gain the knowledge to succeed in the following motorsport management roles:

Motorsport Manufacturer Roles

The manufacturers literally keep the wheels turning in the world of motorsport. Consider how many parts there are in your average car and you’ll get some idea of the opportunities available working for motorsport manufacturers. Even if you’re working on the sales side, you’ll need to have an elementary understanding of automotive engineering and a passion for motorsport. This will help you build the key relationships needed to succeed.

Roles with motorsport manufacturers are varied – from sales and marketing to more technical development roles. It’s a fast-paced industry and the MA Business of Motorsport will prepare you for a career as:

Motorsport Logistics Jobs

Wouldn’t motorsport be boring if every team raced at the same track every round? The logistics of getting teams, cars and parts around the world or even country need to be planned to perfection. Making sure everything and everyone are where they need to be is a true skill. Anyone looking to work in motorsport logistics will need to be highly organised and analytical. You’ll also need an understanding of finance, as cost considerations are an obvious priority.

The MA Business of Motorsport will give you a good grounding to access the following jobs in motorsport logistics:

Jobs in Motorsport Law & Governance

Motorsport is big business and as with any large global industry, there are rules to stick to. The motorsport rule book is thicker than most and the industry has unique challenges – the safety of drivers and fans, encouraging competition and innovation, ensuring diversity, complex contractual arrangements – all of these tasks ensure that motorsport remains safe, legal and most of all fun for the spectator.

To work in the legal and governance side of motorsport you’ll want to combine your legal training with a healthy interest in motorsport. You’ll also have a quick commercial mind and ideally an MA in Business of Motorsport or similar qualification.

Sponsorship and Media Jobs in Motorsport

Closely tied to marketing, competition for jobs in motorsport media and sponsorship is fierce. This is the money-making end of the industry. Sponsors and fans bring the money in so you’ll need to be commercially savvy and knowledgeable about the industry as a whole. Modern motorsport media is about more than front of camera work. You’ll need to be a brand marketing professional, a positive ambassador, a highly confident communicator.

Opportunities are available within teams, manufacturers, governing bodies and with sponsors directly. The MA Business of Motorsport will open up doors to the following jobs:

Jobs in Motorsport Innovation

Motorsport is, without doubt, one of the most innovative industries out there. Without innovation they’d be nothing to compete for. Innovation stretches from engineering to marketing, to fan engagement and partnerships.

Many of the innovations which are developed in elite motorsport eventually filter down to the sports car market or mainstream but to work at the top level of motorsport innovation you’ll need some special qualities. You’ll need to be creative, technically minded for most roles, you’ll want to push the boundaries of what’s possible but you’ll also need to be highly commercial to get the buy in to keep pushing.

These are just some of careers available in motorsport innovation:

Commerce & Finance Jobs within Motorsport

Someone has to watch the money, whether it’s going out or coming in. Motorsport is also an expensive business to be in so only the best money managers rise to the top. Any commercial or financial role in motorsport will mean massive responsibility. Whether you’re aiming to work in an accountancy role or commercial operations, you must have an understanding of the motorsport industry as a whole.

The MA Business of Motorsport will help to give you a motorsport specific grounding for the following motorsport careers: has been developed by motorsport people for motorsport people. As former drivers and engineers they understand the industry and how quickly vacancies can need to be filled so they built a system that is immediate as well as being pro-active and motorsport focussed.

NMA works in association with, so after you graduate with an NMA Degree we can help you achieve your dream job within the motorsport industry. 

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