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Want a Job in Motorsport? Meet NMA Student & Race Fuels Executive, Macrae Williams

Getting a job in motorsport requires skill, determination and a shed load of hard work. Here at the National Motorsport Academy we know what it takes to get on the first rung of the ladder and we support all of our students and graduates when it comes to finding that first all important job. Quite…
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motorsport QUIZ-OF-THE-YEAR

Motorsport Quiz 2018

20 Questions is all it takes to potentially win X2 tickets to the greatest show on earth…well Autosport International at least! Share your results on social for your chance to win😁

Motorsport Thermodynamics

Think you’re hot stuff when it comes to basic physics? This week’s quiz focuses on an area of study critical to motorsport engineering – thermodynamics 🔥🔥🔥. Test your skills and let us know your score 👀

Working in Motorsport: The Marshals

Working in motorsport requires passion, dedication and a certain amount of insanity! Hours are long and depending on the role, it can often mean spending more time on the road than at home with your family, at least during race season and testing. Even for those who at the operational end of motorsport such as…
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GT Cup 2018: A Big Thanks

It’s been a fun and challenged filled season, taking part in the GT Cup GTO Championship, with epic mechanical faults and thrilling, close-run races in torrential rain. It’s now time for rest, reflection and recalibration, giving our students time to get some modules finished before it all starts again in April! Before we put our…
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