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shaving lap times

pirelli f1 racing tyres

Shaving Lap Times: Racing Tyres

Get a Grip! If you’ve been following our ‘Shaving Lap Times’ blog series, you’ll have seen us cover Chassis Alignment & Suspension Geometry, Circuit Knowledge and Driver Health. In this week’s motorsport vlog, NMA tutor Roger takes you through the basics of racing tyres. Tyres. Yeah. Kind of an essential piece of equipment for motorsport …

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Shaving Lap Times: Driver Health

The way to becoming a faster driver is not solely down to improving the performance of the car. You, as the driver, have an important part to play. After all, the car won’t drive unless you provide the input. (Uh…try telling Roborace that!! Ed) Most people assume that once you have the driving skills you …

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