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The Motorsport Industry

Motorsport is one of the most exciting and fast-paced industries you could hope to work in. Many motorsport jobs involve world travel, great team-spirit and always fast cars or bikes. Here at the National Motorsport Academy, we ensure that all students are prepared for life in the fast lane.

Our Motorsport Engineering courses include access to the latest industry software and with modules in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Design and advanced R&D simulation for the testing of new ideas. On our courses, students work with the latest software packages and cutting edge methods to give them the best grounding for their future motorsport career.

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After you Graduate

After graduation from the NMA, we support all our students in finding jobs within the motorsport industry. With students currently working in the majority of the 10 F1 teams, the World Rally Championship, World Endurance and many other racing series, you can be sure that our qualifications are tailored to help you get a job in motorsport when you graduate.

Motorsport careers aren’t as difficult to access as many people think. It may be a highly competitive industry but the number of jobs and different specialisms available have never been more abundant.

Choose Your Dream Job

The number of motorsport careers are on the increase thanks to the development of new series’ and classes such as Formula E. With this also comes the need for candidates to be skilled in new areas to meet the needs of teams looking to gain competitive advantage using the latest technologies.

Whereas a team used to rely on race mechanics, aerodynamicists and powertrain experts, the digital age has brought about an increase in the number of motorsport careers available. Progressive R&D methods, data analytics and sustainable energy are all playing a part in expanding the roles available in motorsport.

We’ve put a list together of just a few of the motorsport careers available: has been developed by motorsport people for motorsport people. As former drivers and engineers they understand the industry and how quickly vacancies can need to be filled so they built a system that is immediate as well as being pro-active and motorsport focussed.

NMA works in association with, so after you graduate with an NMA Degree we can help you achieve your dream job within the motorsport industry. 

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