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10 Race Tracks, 10 Questions

The world is filled with race tracks and over 1300 professional motorsport tracks exist. From Anglesey to Zurich, Abu Dhabi to Zhuhai, almost every country in the world has at least one stage for motorsport events. Here we challenge you to test your knowledge of the world’s best circuits, corners and statistics from ten of …

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LM24H Motorsport events

10 Cars, 10 Decades: 24 Hours of Le Mans

RATE YOUR FAVOURITE: The Le Mans 24 Hour is one of the most anticipated motorsport events of calendar. With over 60 cars lining up on the grid in 2019, we celebrate 10 decades of the epic endurance race by choosing our favourite cars from each era.

porsche aerodynamics

Quick Quiz – Aerodynamics

From drag to flow velocity, aerodynamics is a complex but fundamental part of motorsport design and development. For those already in a career in motorsport, our aerodynamics quiz aims to test your memory of the basics. For those interested in a motorsport job, it may surprise you how much you already know about the science …

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motorsport QUIZ-OF-THE-YEAR

Motorsport Quiz 2018

20 Questions is all it takes to potentially win X2 tickets to the greatest show on earth…well Autosport International at least! Share your results on social for your chance to win😁

Motorsport Thermodynamics

Think you’re hot stuff when it comes to basic physics? This week’s quiz focuses on an area of study critical to motorsport engineering – thermodynamics 🔥🔥🔥. Test your skills and let us know your score 👀

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