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Quick Quiz – Aerodynamics

From drag to flow velocity, aerodynamics is a complex but fundamental part of motorsport design and development. For those already in a career in motorsport, our aerodynamics quiz aims to test your memory of the basics. For those interested in a motorsport job, it may surprise you how much you already know about the science behind aerodynamics!

Think you know your stuff? Try our quick quiz and let us know how you did.

4 thoughts on “Quick Quiz – Aerodynamics”

  1. Hello. My name is Corey sawyer and I am only 15 years old. I am currently searching for a career in motorsport engineering and mechanics and if you are able to talk to me or my school about my career. This would be really great. I have been an engineer for nearly four years within two garages and I am told constantly that I should go out there and explore the career of engineering after I leave secondary school.

    1. Hi Corey,

      Thanks very much for getting in touch. Sounds like you’re making a great start towards a career in motorsport. That’s pretty much the best advice we can give is to start early and get as much experience as you can. If you’d like to send me an email to perhaps I can answer any questions you have in more detail. Bets wishes, Niki

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