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Shaving Lap Times: Racing Tyres

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If you’ve been following our ‘Shaving Lap Times’ blog series, you’ll have seen us cover Chassis Alignment & Suspension Geometry, Circuit Knowledge and Driver Health. In this week’s motorsport vlog, NMA tutor Roger takes you through the basics of racing tyres.

pirelli f1 racing tyres

Tyres. Yeah. Kind of an essential piece of equipment for motorsport right? But how many of your really know the importance of looking after your racing tyres and how your tyre maintenance will affect your lap times? 

You need to consider the age of your tyres, where you store them in the off-season, how your racing tyre pressure will influence rolling resistance. In short, it’s not all about making sure your slicks remain that way. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or wannabe professional, these tips will save you money and time.

If you don’t have your own tyre technician, (let’s be fair, most of us don’t have that luxury) then you’ll need to be responsible for maintaining one of the most expensive motorsport consumables you’ll buy – your tyres. A decent set is going to cost you so watch our latest VLOG to find out how to protect your investment and shave your lap times.

Racing Tyres Vlog

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