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3 Best Things About Learning with the NMA Business School

The NMA Business School is the first higher education establishment of its kind. Dedicated solely to the Business of Motorsport, our online postgraduate courses are unique. They cover the commercial aspects of this complex industry, from governance and contracts to marketing and sponsorship, our students leave armed for top level careers. So, if you love motorsport and a fancy yourself as the next Zak Brown, Michèle Mouton or Mohammed Ben Sulayem here are 3 reasons why you should study with the NMA Business School.

1. You’ll Earn a LOT More Money!

Postgraduates earn 18% more than standard degree holders and for business postgraduates this increases even more to a 35-45% increase in salary. One of the reasons for this is that Business Schools help you to build commercial skills that will help companies to succeed. It’s no surprise that in the US, 13 of the top 30 Fortune 500 companies are headed up by Business School postgrads. From Apple to Facebook, Pepsico to Starbucks, some of the biggest business success stories have been led by people with commercial master’s degrees.

Business Schools specialise for a reason. Developing your commercial acumen takes more than experience. There are tried and tested ways of working in the word of big business. And motorsport is definitely BIG business. Millions of £ of other people’s money is invested in sponsorship, development, manufacturing and racing each year and with that comes a lot of responsibility. Motorsport teams and manufacturers need to know that that money is in safe hands. But motorsport is different. The racing calendar, level of governance and pace of innovation means that even a normal P&L isn’t normal in motorsport. Having a commercial understanding of the specific challenges facing the industry you’re getting into is hugely beneficial.

Once you have a business management degree, your earning potential skyrockets. If that business degree is specific to the industry you’re working in, you’ll be worth your weight in gold!

We're Online by Choice, not by Force

Let’s face it, most of us can’t afford to go back to full-time education and that can mean online learning is the only viable option. Online degrees used to be a bit of a joke but quickly became a necessity during the pandemic where all universities had to look at new ways to continue to deliver their degrees online. This led to many students expressing their dissatisfaction with the quality of their courses and lectures. They simply weren’t prepared. This is where we were ahead of the game!

The NMA is digital by default. We’ve never done it any other way. Our online Business School is engineered to deliver educational content on demand, via our Virtual Learning Studio. With over 30 years’ experience delivering distance learning courses, our academic and digitals teams worked with motorsport industry professionals to develop a course which could be studied 100% online and fit in around a full-time job. The Virtual Learning Studio is packed full of resources and video content, and you’re guided through each module by a dedicated tutor who specialises in that area. There are no term-times or fixed start dates, you can study where and when it suits you. This is fully flexible education designed to fit in around you.

Just to clarify: the NMA is NOT an online university. Your degree will be awarded by the NMA in partnership with De Montfort University, one of the world’s top universities for student satisfaction. You’ll take part in the graduation ceremony and receive a certificate from DMU at the end of your course.

Online Learning is Good for Your Health

As we covered in an earlier blog, online learning has huge benefits for the individual outside of just helping you to develop new skills. According to research, people who study online add an additional £3640 to their annual salary – that’s a pretty big incentive. But did you know that online learning is also good for your health? Whether you study purely for pleasure or as CPD to help you in your job, online learning empowers you, it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in something which you have a passion for, it makes you feel like you’re striving to achieve something. This all has a hugely positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

If you love your job you never have to work a day in your life, or so the saying goes. When you learn about something you enjoy, it also doesn’t feel like a chore.  The NMA Business School offers passionate motorsport enthusiasts the opportunity to turn their passion into a career. The course is structured to make the learning experience as immersive as possible, with inside information, interviews and advice from some of the top professionals in motorsport. So, if you hate what you do every day, give your mental health a boost and learn about what you love!

Image: Red Bull Racing

From Fan to Fantasy Job

The NMA Business School has been developed specifically to answer the shortage of qualified professionals in the world of motorsport. Candidates were often avid fans with no commercial experience or came from a different industry and had no interest or passion for the sport. Our MA Business of Motorsport helps you cross over from a spectator’s view to a pitlane pass.

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