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5 of the Best Motorsport Marketing Jobs Right Now

Motorsport marketing jobs are growing in numbers as teams and manufacturers look to improve their use of digital channels to attract and entertain their audiences.

Marketing functions are varied in the industry. At its core, motorsport is an events industry. It’s also an entertainment industry. It’s also a sport. This means that skills from other industries are highly transferrable into motorsport. All you need is a love of engineering or fast things and you’re half way there.

So, if you’re looking for a job in motorsport marketing, have a look at our pick of the best 5 jobs out there right now.

This is one of the best motorsport marketing jobs out there right now! Earlier this year, McLaren announced its intention to compete in new Gen-3 Formula E season. With an existing interest in Extreme E, McLaren are looking for success in the electric racing series in a big way and they want the world to watch!

As Social Media Manager you will play a key role in expanding McLaren’s audience in these series. You’ll be expected to entertain and inform in equal measure. You’ll be travelling to all the races and posting to all social platforms including TikTok and You Tube. You’ll also manage the paid side of the social strategy.

You’ll also work alongside other marketing managers in F1, Indycar and esports to collaboratively grow the McLaren brand.

To view the full details of this amazing opportunity, head to the McLaren website.

This is a brilliant opportunity for someone who already has some level of experience in sports partnerships or communications. You’ll be expected to love F1, obviously, and have the Mercedes-AMG brand at the core of all you do.

This role will see you working to establish and promote relationships with key sponsors and partners, including the onboarding of new partners. You’ll have the ability to create engaging and brand-led content too so experience of social media and web content creation is a must.

Languages are a benefit but so is motorsport specific experience and/or a motorsport specific qualification.

Here’s the job link.

This agency role is a more active motorsport marketing job and perfect for someone with a passion for bikes. Potski Media is a specialist motorsport marketing agency. With some top name clients such as Yamaha Racing, Silverstone and Arch Motorcycle, you’ll be working on client campaigns across all social platforms, including TikTok and You Tube.

You’ll need to be highly creative, be able to write great copy and be able to develop and manage social media plans. You’ll be passionate about bikes and have some experience working in journalism, marketing, social media or in a creative role.

View the job.

Imagine working in one of the most stunning sporting venues in the UK. Goodwood is looking to secure its sporting legacy by employing an individual to create ideas for current and future events. They want someone with a deep seated passion for motorsport. Someone who can bring together partners, drivers, owners and manufacturers to celebrate motorsport and its history.

You’ll need to be used to handling regulatory documents, be a people person and have some experience managing projects or events. The big winner would be if you had some specialist interest and knowledge of the motorsport/motoring industry. If you’re not already on one of our Business School courses, you’ll wish you were! Click here for the full job ad.

If you already have all of this experience and more, Goodwood is also recruiting for a Motorsport Event Operations Manager, working specifically on the Goodwood Revival.

Hyundai is a relative newcomer to the world of motorsport but they mean business! Established in 2012, with their sights set on the WRC crown, Hyundai Motorsport won two consecutive WRC titles in 2019 and 2020 and they want it back.

The role of Social Media Specialist is there to support the team and gather new supporters through engaging social content. You’ll need 3 years’ experience in social media, ideally within sports, media or events. This is a where an MA Business of Motorsport would give you the edge!

For this role you’ll be based in Alzenau, Germany but no German language skills are required. Hyundai Motorsport is known for employing people from outside of Germany so don’t let the location or relocation put you off.

Read the full job description here.

Make Your Skills Motorsport Ready

Motorsport is a complex business. As we’ve already said, it’s part entertainment, part events management and the logistical elements of taking the travelling circus around the world and making it sustainable seems like the impossible challenge.

If you already have a degree in business or marketing and want to work in motorsport, making the transition can be difficult without some experience or knowledge of the inner-workings of the industry. That’s why we created the National Motorsport Academy Business School. Our Business of Motorsport post-graduate courses have been designed to help people take their existing commercial skills and make them motorsport ready.

Motorsport marketing is just one of the areas covered in the course. You’ll also learn about governance, law, change management and monetization, including sponsorship. Click the button below to find out more about how these courses can help your motorsport career.


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