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Student Stories: Brandon Souter, BSc Motorsport Engineering

Meet Brandon. Brandon’s story is similar to a lot of NMA students. He left school at 16 unsure of what he wanted to do with his life and career. He ended up taking an apprenticeship as an electrician, and although he enjoyed it, he couldn’t help but feel he was missing out on something. Roll on 6 years and Brandon has now finally found his path. He’s a year in to his BSc Motorsport Engineering degree with the NMA and loving every minute. Watch his student story below or read on for more about his pathway into motorsport.

When did your passion for motorsport begin?

Growing up, I always wanted to be an F1 driver of course, like many kids I loved McLaren during the Button/Hamilton years. But as I got a bit older, this dream developed into wanting to be in the pitlane. The pit stops were always my favourite part as a kid. The speed they could swap tires and make small adjustments was amazing. It was inspiring!

When did your path end up drifting?

After school I lost touch with my dreams. I went down the apprenticeship route and studied towards being an electrician. It was ok at the time but I wasn’t really happy with what I was doing and i knew there was something I was missing. There weren’t really that many options for motorsport engineering courses when I left school. Not in my local area anyway.

I had a bit of time on my hands during lockdown and started thinking about my career and what I wanted to do. Having that time to think opened my eyes to my passion – motorsport.

I’m 22 now. It took me a while to change my career path but I got there and I’m glad I did.

You work at a karting track. Are you any good?

I started karting when I was a kid and I was never the fastest, but I did and still do alright. It was always the ambition to be the quickest but deep down. it was the sound, the smell, being around motorsport was what I loved. I still do.

How tough was it going back to school?

Going back to school wasn’t hard. Because I’m studying toward my passion. So it doesn’t feel like school. It’s fun!

Would you recommend the NMA to your friends?

I would 100% recommend it, in fact I have to a few of my colleagues at work who are seriously considering the course. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to chase their dreams in motorsport.

The tutors are great. The VLS is really easy to use. The track experience was amazing – it’s a weekend I’ll never forget. Even though it didn’t end as planned, being at the track and working on the car with the other students was incredible.

What's the big dream now?

I feel Formula 1 is still a great passion. I know how hard I need to work to achieve that, and hopefully one day I can work my way into a team like McLaren. It would truly be a dream come true.

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