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Don’t Go So Fast: Choosing the Right Engineering Degree

Didn’t get the A Level results you expected? Clearing doesn’t have to be a painful process! In fact, it could be the best thing that ever happened to your motorsport engineering career!

In 2020, over 13% of students got their university place through clearing and an increasing number of students are delaying going to university at all due to the uncertainty of Covid-19. Clearing doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It may make you look at options that you hadn’t considered before – like studying an online engineering degree. Online degrees are now a highly credible alternative to studying at a physical university and studying for a degree online is becoming the norm post-pandemic. 

Here are some things you might want to know about studying for an online engineering degree with the National Motorsport Academy.

Say No to UCAS Clearing Fees!

To apply for a National Motorsport Academy online engineering degree you apply directly to us where you application is assessed by our team of tutors. No UCAS fees! Your application decision will take into account exam results as well as prior experience so if you didn’t get what you wanted in your A Levels but have been Karting or playing with cars since you were a kid, that all counts!

All degrees, from both our Engineering and Business Schools, are awarded by De Montfort University which was rated in the top 3% of the world’s universities by The Times so you’re getting a top degree from a highly credible institution. You also graduate along with other graduates from DMU at their campus in Leicester, with our tutors there to cheer you on.

You’re also studying for a degree which has been designed by experts in their field! All of our tutors have worked, or still work in motorsport and love the subject they teach. You get dedicated tutor support via the VLS (more about that later), telephone, email and Zoom wherever possible throughout your online engineering degree. You’re allocated a specialist tutor for each module to ensure that you’re getting the most skilled guidance throughout your course.

When you study for an online engineering degree with the NMA, you’ll have total flexibility and control over your study and timing so in effect, you could complete the whole BSc (Hons) course in less time than if you had studied at a university or you could spread it over more years and get experience in the work place at the same time.

Many motorsport employers favour those who are already studying towards a degree or who are willing to invest their time in improving their future. Being able to fit your degree in around your work and/or family life means that you don’t lose out on a monthly pay packet and you get to gain experience at the same time as studying. This solves the ‘can’t get experience without a job / how do I get a job without experience?’ quandary. You’ll be learning industry relevant skills and also be required to participate in motorsport in some capacity, even if it’s prepping your own race car or volunteering as a marshal. All valuable ticks in the right boxes for your CV. We have a growing network of industry contacts and are constantly trying to improve the employment opportunities for our students.

Counting the Cost

How would you also like to save money on your degree? Because we have lower overheads than traditional bricks and mortar universities, we can afford to offer lower tuition fees for our online engineering degrees. If you’re in the UK, our fees can still be covered by a student loan.

We’re also invested in developing course content which is engaging and interactive. No boring lectures when you study for a online motorsport engineering degree with the NMA! All the course material is delivered online through our Virtual Learning Studio (VLS) and can be accessed from any laptop, phone or tablet. We do have minimum requirements for certain modules where you’ll be required to use industry standard software packages such as Matlab, but for the rest of the time you’ll be free to access your degree resources from anywhere.

So, slow down and think about what you really want to get out of your engineering degree before you commit the next three years of your life!

If you are going through clearing, The Uni Guide has a great Clearing Survival Guide if you want to know more about your options.

For more information about our Degree courses, call us on 0115 9123456 to speak to us or email our admissions team.

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