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TEAM NMA: Donington Shakedown Part 1 2021

TEAM NMA UPDATE: 1st Shakedown of the Lotus Evora post Engine & Aero Work.

Covid-19 has certainly slowed us all down but it’s also given Team NMA time to work on the Lotus Evora GTE to make sure it’s race ready and competitive. Following its new engine, prototype front end and a few other mods completed over the last few months, we were finally ready for the first shakedown of 2021.

For those not in the know, the NMA team Evora was one of two built specifically for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. You can read more about the pedigree of this unique race car here. 

We headed down to Donington Park on a sunny May morning with a limited team due to Covid regulations in the garages. Tutors Kieran, Wayne and Ed accompanied driver and NMA stalwart, Kevin Riley to put the car through its paces. 

The Verdict: Donington Park Shakedown

Wayne Gater - Deputy Director of Motorsport

“All went well, the engine ran brilliant, Kevin is happy with the performance, and we have come away with a task list which gives us something to do ready for the next outing. A good day all round really.”

Ed Sarling - Motorsport Engineering Tutor

“I’d say it went very well, aside a couple of minor body fitment issues, and a sticking door latch, which are easily rectified, the main, and most important thing, the big oily bit in the middle (not the driver, don’t be rude!) worked very well!

Great pace on the car down the straights, enough to show the Ferraris a thing or two. Combine that with the legendary handling it has shown before and we should have a very competitive car! 

The sweetener added into that is the sound, as it launches from the last corner, down the start finish straight, of the beautifully screaming whine from the supercharger bouncing off the pit walls like Beethoven himself is conducting a symphony of automotive induction. Or something like that anyway!! 😄 “

All in all, the first shakedown of 2021 proved to be a success. After 18 months of development, the Lotus Evora GTE finally has race pace. There’s still a fair bit of work to do and Covid-permitting, we’re looking forward to NMA students being able to attend testing sessions throughout the year. Follow us on Instagram for more updates.

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