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Favourite F1 Podcasts

In this week’s quick read, NMA Business School Tutor and Formula 1 fan Emma chooses her favourite F1 podcasts.

On the Marbles F1 Podcast

On the Marbles

Steve Jones, David Coulthard, Mark Webber & Special Guests

One of the most popular F1 podcasts is on hiatus following the departure of host Steve Jones. Don’t panic though, with 29 episodes to listen to they may well have found a new host before you get to the end!

With loads of special guests, On the Marbles is an often hilarious commentary of the hottest F1 topics as well as some other random musings of Jones and regular guests Coulthard and Webber.

Emma says: “I used to really love the On The Marbles podcast from the Channel 4 F1 team. Such a shame they stopped doing it earlier in the year. Lost count of the number of times I snorted with laughter on a train listening to it. The George Russell ‘Sorry Service’ and Steve Jones’ poetry sessions are highlights for sure.”

You can listen to On the Marbles on any podcast app or watch on You Tube

Chequered Flag F1 Podcast

BBC F1 Podcast: Chequered Flag

BBC Sport

In terms of F1 podcasts, you don’t get much more comprehensive and up-to-date than this. The Chequered Flag is BBC Sport and BBC 5 Live’s weekly podcast with updates, interviews and reports from the world of F1.

Head over to the BBC website for a full list of episodes.

Fast Talkers

Jennie Gow

Motorsport all-round media pro and BBC F1 presenter Jennie Gow hosts Fast Talkers – one of the best F1 podcasts for special guests and discussions around the key developments in the F1 paddock. With the inside track, quite literally, Jennie is extremely well placed to attract the best guests as soon as the big news breaks.

As Extreme E commentator and active ambassador for women in motorsport, Jennie has been keeping busy in 2021 so sadly there hasn’t been a podcast out since June. That said, there are 35 episodes out on You Tube which are also available on most podcast apps.  

Emma says: “Jennie Gow and colleagues are always excellent. Jennie Gow’s ‘Fast Talkers’ covers some really interesting topics.”


F1 Podcasts - Beyond the Grid

Beyond the Grid

Tom Clarkson

Beyond the grid is the pinnacle of F1 podcasts as it is delivered by F1 themselves. F1 journalist Tom Clarkson delves into the history of the sport, with interviews with some of the greatest drivers, bosses and engineers as well as hosting guests from the current F1 paddock. This podcast is an absolute must for anyone wanting to get a true ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the fascinating world of F1 outside of the antics on race day.

Emma says: “Tom Clarkson’s ‘Beyond the Grid’ interviews are always worth a listen. He really gets his interviewees to open up.”

Meet Business of Motorsport Tutor Emma

Emma Thomson heads up our motorsport marketing and sponsorship modules on the Business of Motorsport Master’s Degree. Emma’s love of F1 led her to work at Silverstone as Development and Education Manager, creating specialist programmes to promote collaboration in motorsport within schools, colleges and universities. 

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