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GT Cup 2018: A Big Thanks

It’s been a fun and challenged filled season, taking part in the GT Cup GTO Championship, with epic mechanical faults and thrilling, close-run races in torrential rain. It’s now time for rest, reflection and recalibration, giving our students time to get some modules finished before it all starts again in April!

Before we put our driver, Gaz Downing, back in the garage for the winter, he has a few thank-you’s he’d like to say:

“We started the year with a goal – to try and win the GTO Class in the GT Cup Championship with the Mosler MT900. We knew this would be a difficult task, with high levels of competition as well as the amount of work needed to keep the Mosler running competitively. The meant a full-time commitment for me at the National Motorsport Academy. With the support of so many people, I believe that we out-did ourselves. Not only did we succeed and win the GTO Class, but we also took ourselves and others by surprise in making the Mosler as quick and competitive as it was throughout the season.”

Gaz Downing GT Cup Oscar speech


“Without the hard work and sheer dedication of a fair few people, it really wouldn’t have been possible so here’s my list of people I’d like to thank on behalf of myself and Team NMA.

First of all, I’d like to thank Kevin and Pauline Riley for the opportunity that they have given us all – staff and students. The team who make everything happen in the days and weeks running up to each race – Kieran, Wayne, Roger, Dan, Adam, Bella, Henry, Luke, Nigel, Jo and particularly Karen who keeps everyone going with panini’s, sandwiches and drinks every race weekend.

As anyone in the world of motorsport knows, it’s impossible to achieve anything without the support of many specialist partners and suppliers. Massive thanks go out to:

From a technical perspective, I’d like to thank Martin, Luke and Callum from Rollcentre (Mosler)


PAUL DOLAN at Co-Ordsport for brakes and consumables. Here’s a plug for their online ‘Part-Box’

JULIAN THOMAS from VBOX Motorsport for their full HD In-Car Race Camera System

KYLE RUSHALL: LSX Race Engines (Mosler Engine Rebuild) – one of the best in the business

Team NMA in GT Cup Donington

DAN at Dr Bodyshop back in Nottingham for paint, prep and a fair amount of body repairs.

NATHAM COLEMAN @ Pirelli Tyres

Almost last, but certainly not least – the GT Cup organisers, race teams and on the ground race staff. So all at Bute Motorsport: Christopher Haynes, Hannah Wilson, Philp Boland & Christopher Thorn. The other teams involved – you guys keep it fun and competitive! Not to forget all the marshals, photographers and event staff – many of these people volunteer throughout the year.

Perhaps most importantly, I’d like to point out how much hard work and dedication it takes from the NMA students who support Team NMA at races across the country. Thanks to the guys and girls who often work until the early hours, sleep in the transporter and work tirelessly to get the Mosler and Lotus Evora back out on track at each and every meeting – no matter what.

Lastly, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do or achieve what I have without the continuing, endless support of my family – Justine and Joseph.

See you all next season! – Gaz”

If you’d like to find out more about racing with Team NMA next season get in touch!

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