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Fast-Track Your Career With a Motorsport Engineering Top-Up Degree

Already Qualified in Motorsport or Automotive? Get Your Full Degree in Just 16 Months!

One of the most common objections we hear is that people just don’t have the time to dedicate to study for a full degree, part time. A full three-year BSc (Hons) degree can take up to 6 years when studied part time. That’s a long commitment if you are already juggling a job, family life and serious obsession with motorsport!

If you’re already working in an automotive or motorsport job, there’s a chance that you already have a good grip of the maths or engineering principles which feature heavily in the first modules of a motorsport degree course. You may also have used simulation software or been involved in the design or set up of race cars in your job or spare time. This knowledge is not only critical in the application stages at the NMA but could also help you to leapfrog onto our Top-Up Degree.

What is a Top-Up Degree?

A Top-Up Degree is the equivalent of the final year of an undergraduate degree, converting your previous qualifications and experience into a ‘full’ degree in a third of the time. Perfect for those who already have a good grounding inn automotive or motorsport but who still see the benefits of increasing their level of learning.

On a Top-Up Degree, you’ll study on the final year’s course material, zipping past the fundamentals of motorsport such as maths, Race Car Design & Race Preparation, Engine Design and Data Acquisition.

The Top-Up Degree is comprised of 4 modules:

  1. Advanced Engine Development
  2. Aerodynamics
  3. Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  4. Final Motorsport Project

Don’t worry if you feel like your knowledge is a bit rusty in certain areas. All of the other modules are available on their own and can be studied in addition to the final four.

How long does it take to complete a Top-Up Degree?

All of our courses, including the Top-Up (Final Year) degree, are studied on a flexible basis, meaning you can fit it in around other commitments. It’s recommended that you spend between 10 and 15 hours a week on your studies which would allow you to complete the Top-Up Degree and achieve your full BSc (Hons) in around 16 months. Some people take less time, some take longer. The beauty of it is, all of the resources are online, allowing you to study at home, at work or at the track.

Who Can Apply?

If you have already studied a Foundation Degree, HND or BTEC in an automotive or motorsport discipline, chances are you have all the skills and knowledge needed to apply straight on to the Top-Up Degree. Applications are also considered from people with extensive industry experience. By this we mean you’ve worked on projects which are directly relevant to the course material you’d be missing from the full 3-year degree.

Our full entry requirements for the Top-Up Degree are as follows:

A Foundation Degree, HND, BTEC or Advanced Modern Apprenticeship or equivalent qualification at Level 5 in one of the following:

  • Motorsport Engineering or equivalent
  • Motorsport Technology or equivalent
  • Automotive Engineering or equivalent
  • Another relevant engineering qualification

Applicants not familiar with the following software packages may need to study an additional module ‘Research and Development Simulation and Analysis’ from the full BSc (Hons) before commencing the top-up.

  • Inventor
  • GT Suite
  • Star CCM+

CPD credits will be awarded for this module.

How Much Does It Cost?

Herein lies another benefit of studying a Top-Up Degree – as you are only effectively studying the final year, you only pay a year’s fees. This means that you get a full degree at a third of the cost.

Student loans can be used to cover all of your tuition fees if you are based in England and Northern Ireland. For International students and those living in Scotland and Wales there may be bursaries or loans available through similar systems. You can also pay by instalments each month to help make the cost more affordable.

Annual fees at the NMA are 40% lower than most Universities yet you still get all of the benefits of studying at a world-renowned institution. You get an NUS card from our partner, De Montfort University as well as access to their on and off campus facilities.

Top Up Fees Image

What Do I Get at the End of It?

A full BSc Motorsport Engineering degree from the National Motorsport Academy and De Montfort University! We chose De Montfort University as our awarding partner because of their reputation for both teaching excellence and delivering world-renowned engineering programmes. That said, all of the NMA course content has been developed by motorsport professionals understand the level of learning and skills needed at the highest levels of motorsport.

Once you have graduated, a specialist degree in Motorsport Engineering can only help to improve your employment or career potential. If you are already working in the industry, our qualifications will bring you skills up to scratch using the most up-to-date software and industry methods, helping you to get that next promotion or new job. If you currently work in a different sector, this course will help you to secure that first all-important motorsport job. You’ll also get the opportunity to continue your progression with the new MSc Advanced Motorsport Engineering which was newly launched this year to help motorsport professionals to upskill without having to take a career break.

Our graduation ceremonies are held in conjunction with DMU so you’ll get the opportunity to invite family and friends to help celebrate your success and enjoy a festival atmosphere on the DMU campus, with live music, speeches and special guests.

Find out more about studying with the NMA from our most recent graduates.

Why Should I Apply?

If you dream of a job in motorsport, already work with a team or factory and want to apply for more advanced positions or simply want to learn more about motorsport engineering to help with your own projects or cars, the Top-Up degree is a great way to fast-track your ambitions. With lower fees than any other University and the ability to choose your own start date and work at your own pace, it’s more of question of “When Should I Apply?”

Apply NOW!

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