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Student Experiences: Anita Lunati

Business of Motorsport Student Anita Lunati speaks about her NMA experience

The MA Business of Motorsport program offered by the National Motorsport Academy is designed to provide students with the essential skills required to excel in motorsport. Through a comprehensive curriculum centred around strategic management, marketing, and financial analysis, students gain a deep understanding of the commercial motorsport industry. 

Anita Lunati, pursued her love for motorsport by enrolling in the MA Business of Motorsport course in 2021. NMA have the privilege of sharing Anita’s experience studying at NMA’s Business School. Through flexible learning options and the guidance of industry experts, Anita has achieved new career horizons and is flourishing even before completing the course. Here’s our conversation with Anita as she reflects on her NMA journey so far… 

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Anita's NMA Experience

Hello! Who are you?

Hi everyone! I’m Anita Lunati, a full-time student pursuing the MA in Business of Motorsport. I am studying the MA in Business of Motorsport and currently working on Module 8, which is the final big project!

Why did you choose to study at the National Motorsport Academy?

I chose to study at NMA because I wanted a course focused on motorsport that didn’t require me to physically attend a specific university. It also allowed me to work almost full-time while pursuing my studies.

So, you’re working alongside your studies – how are you finding the NMA’s flexibility?

I currently work at Total Karting Zero in their Customer and Sales Support team. NMA fits perfectly into my life and work schedule because I can study during my holidays, days off, or even after work. NMA’s flexibility has helped me develop skills within my job while pursuing my studies. Since I’m currently working in motorsport, I can see the benefits of combining work experience with theoretical knowledge. I can apply what I learn into practice and gain insights from industry professionals with years of experience.

How did you find out about NMA?

I’ve always had a passion for working in motorsport, but I didn’t have any industry experience. I realised that studying motorsport would be a great starting point for me. During my last year of undergrad, I started researching potential master’s courses that focused on the business side of the industry. NMA was the first option that caught my attention.

I instantly loved the online aspect and the flexibility of being able to learn from anywhere. I initially had concerns about the distance and not being able to meet my tutors in person, but once I started, I realised how available and supportive they are, they are always ready to help!

What’s been your favourite module so far & why?

My favourite module has been Module 5, “Motorsport Brands: Their Extensions and Future Trends.” It taught me that motorsport goes beyond Formula 1 races and can extend into many other areas. It broadened my understanding of motorsport beyond just racing.

How will a degree with NMA help you to achieve your career goals?

The degree is providing me with a good understanding of various aspects of the industry. It’s teaching me that motorsport is much more than just racing and Formula 1. This industry offers endless careers and opportunities, but it’s also highly competitive. Having the experience and master’s degree from NMA will give me an edge in pursuing my desired career path.

What’s your dream role – do you think the NMA can help you to get that dream role?

To be honest, I’m still figuring out my dream role. However, working within the industry and doing a job that I truly enjoy would be a dream come true. I would love to be part of a race team or work for organisations that organise events and races for race teams. I also dream of working for a company that involves traveling. NMA has shown me the vast variety of roles within the industry, making me consider various options. I now understand that I can apply my skills to different positions in motorsport, and there are numerous job opportunities beyond mechanics and engineers.

What would you say to potential students who are considering studying at NMA?

I would wholeheartedly encourage potential students to go for it. It’s an incredible experience. Not having to attend specific lessons at set times in a physical location is wonderful. The modules are extremely interesting, and the expertise of the tutors within the industry is absolutely fascinating. I highly recommend NMA to those already working in the industry as well. This has been a major advantage for me because I’m learning so much from both my job and my studies.

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