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The Autosport International show is not just about lovely race cars…

Its that time of year again (bit late for another Christmas story? Ed) – The show that lifts our spirits and gets us in the mood for the next seasons racing; Autosport International is at the end of the week.

But I am saying that the scantily clad cars, ladies and Pistonheads stands are not where it is at – I am saying that if you are able; either as a “student”, or are in the trade, then you should be there at the TRADE days on Thursday and Friday because that is where the real exhibition is.

“But” I hear you say “the cars are the same for all 4 days”. True that may be but it is not the cars I want you to look at – It is the Engineering Exhibition.

The Autosport International show 2016

Source: Autosport

The Engineering Exhibition is only on for the Trade days and then it packs up and some additional race car type stuff appears – If you have never seen the things of true beauty; of true genius and of true engineering excellence that are on display then you are missing out.

nuts and bolts

Source: Autosport

race car part

Source: Titan Motorsport

“But I only drive the thing, I am not interested in what makes it go; that is for my spanner man” – If you want my opinion (not everyone does! Ed) then seeing HOW and WHY the flappy paddle gearbox does what it does in a micro nothingth of a second or observing the fit and function of the new sodium cooled super lapped in titanium unobtainium expensivium composite valve, will make you a better driver. If only because it SHOULD increase your mechanical sympathy seeing these works of art.

Roger Grimshaw NMA Tutor.

The National Motorsport Academy will be exhibiting at the Autosport International Show. Come and see us in Hall 6 stand 6510.


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