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Pro Tips for Prepping Your Car on Race Day

Sometimes you just want a quick fix. Like a McDonalds, or a You Tube mash-up of your favourite racing moments or cars crashing. We get it! That’s why we’re launching a new 3-Minute-Read blog series to give you the latest news, hints and tips and the hottest job links without having to wade though the waffle! Let’s kick off with some pro advice from our experts. We asked our tutors for their best advice to help you prep your car on race day. 

Dr Kieran Reeves: Director of Motorsport

Actually, the best advice is to spend the time prior to race day. Make sure you have put the hours in on the flat patch in the workshop and arrive with a well set-up prepared car. It will make changes so much easier at the track.

Wayne Gator - NMA Motorsport Tutor

Wayne Gater: Deputy Director of Motorsport

Again similar I’m afraid, don’t get to race day with prep outstanding, if it goes wrong it can put a halt on things before you even get started. Put the hours in beforehand to turn up ready to roll onto the track where possible. From a perspective of race day though I think it’s important to capitalise on any time that you do have, if the car comes in from practice with a minor repair required and you’ve nothing on, then pick up the job and save it becoming a potential last-minute job for someone else (provided you know what to do etc). Don’t be afraid to offer or ask for help with something if you’re unsure, people’s lives are in the hands of the engineers, so no question is a bad question. If you’re stood around then make the team brews, sweep up, keep busy as there will always be something that can be done.

Roger Grimshaw: Tutor & 'Reasonable' Racing Driver

“homework, homework, homework” – do the preparation, put the time in and although you hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Tim Mullis: Tutor & Data / Strategy Engineer

Trying to add something different from the previous comments, so, learn by your mistakes and make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice! Keep some notes about what went well and things that weren’t so good and review them before the next event with a view to general improvement.

Wayne Hargreaves: Tutor & Our Motorbike Expert

This is slightly biased towards Motocross racing, but the advice is useful for all, …… Make sure that when you say you have fuelled the bike (car) that you have actually fuelled the bike.

Ed Sarling: Tutor & Japanese / Exotic Supercar Specialist

I think, as the other guys said, having the car ready before race day is always the ideal, so my answer goes slightly sideways! On race day, make sure the working area, be it a pit garage, a truck awning, or just a gazebo out the boot of a support car, is clean and well organized. Never underestimate how hard it is to locate tools when the pressure is on mid race!   

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