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Commercial Motorsport: Meet Tutor Andrew Coe

Up until recently, the National Motorsport Academy has focussed on motorsport training for engineers. Our motorsport engineering degrees were the first online degrees of their kind and were designed to help professional engineers, mechanics and technicians to either make the move into motorsport or improve their employment and promotion potential within the industry.

With the launch of the new NMA Business School we put together a crack team of motorsport experts to run the most comprehensive commercial motorsport training programmes the industry has ever seen. They all have extensive experience in the world of motorsport, each specialising in a specific area. This week, we’d like to introduce Andrew Coe.  Andrew is an expert in the commercials of motorsport and is a key tutor on the Business of Motorsport Master’s degree.

About Andrew Coe

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience working within elite sports. His exceptional commercial acumen saw him move from a governance role with the International Tennis Federation across into motorsport, where he was Chair of the F1 British Grand Prix Organising Committee for 12 years, as well as a member of various FIA working groups and commissions.

Andrew is a great example of a motorsport enthusiast who managed to find the holy grail – combining his day job with his true passion. Since 2001 Andrew has immersed himself in the world of rally, having been the Chairman and CEO of Wales Rally GB, Non-Executive Director of the management company running the British Rally Championship and as Director and Secretary of the World Rally Organisers Association.

Andrew brings with him an extensive understanding of the commercial side of motorsport and will be heading up the following modules on the Master’s programme

History, Sporting & Commercial Structure of Motorsport

This module provides a background on key themes within the history and development of motorsport. These are important for anyone with a commercial involvement within motorsport understand. Designed to help contextualise the development of the sport and to provide a better understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and operating framework, this is a great CPD module or seminar for those new to the industry.

In this masterclass, Andrew will take you through the origins of the sport, including the role of the FIA in international and national governance. The rights structure, commercial management and regulatory protocols of international and national Motorsport activity, and the role of the promoter in motorsport.

This Masterclass also looks at the role the motorsport industry plays as an innovator. The size, scope and value the industry has in terms of performance engineering innovation has a huge impact on other industries.

Commerce in Motorsport

Now you understand the bare bones that make up the motorsport monster, it’s time to get to grips with the money side of things. The Commerce in Motorsport module looks at how revenue is generated and spent in motorsport. This module is also available as a CPD module, where Andrew looks at the commercial principles that govern all forms of motorsport – from grassroots through to top-flight. You’ll look at the cost implications of competing as a driver or team, the importance of building a brand which sponsors will flock to support, the money side of managing events, venues and championships.

Money makes the world of motorsport go ‘round and without it you’ll always struggle. This masterclass is ideal for anyone looking to get involved in starting or running a team. It’s also a great start for someone with commercial experience in a different industry to apply their knowledge to motorsport. It puts into context the specific challenges and strange ways of working that you’ll find in motorsport. Trust us – there’s no other industry out there with pockets as deep as motorsport and with that comes some unique challenges. Balancing the commerce with the passion is a skill which makes the difference between success and financial failure. Andrew’s experience in this field is extensive.

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Commercial Motorsport CPD

We've broken down our MA Business of Motorsport into individual CPD modules. Covering motorsport governance, law, sponsorship, marketing and media, our bite sized courses can help you get ahead in motorsport management.

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