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Top 5 Tips for Finding Jobs in Motorsport Management

Whenever we share a post on social media, we can almost guarantee that we will get at least one comment telling other followers that it’s a total waste of time to pursue a career in motorsport. There is too much competition, there aren’t enough jobs available, employers want too many qualifications or too much experience. The list of reasons/excuses goes on! This post seeks to dispel some myths about the number of available jobs in motorsport, this time specifically jobs in motorsport management.

How Many Jobs in Motorsport Management Are There?

Volkswagen Rally Team
Volkswagen Rally Team

When we first set up the NMA Business School, we decided to create a list of the of jobs available in motorsport management. In the end, it went on for pages! Motorsport is a massive industry. It’s the same as someone asking how many jobs there are available in the entertainment or music industry. Yes, there are some plum jobs which we would all love to do; location scout, manager of the hottest new band, but in reality, all industries have their glamourous and their humdrum side. Motorsport is no different.

Chances are, most of your reading this will have a strong passion for motorsport, otherwise, why would you be here? What we can guarantee is that you also have transferrable skills that the industry needs. Finding a job in motorsport management in all about setting your expectations and using your strengths.

Here are our top 5 tips for finding jobs in motorsport management.

1. Play to Your Strengths

Red Bull Racing Head Office

If you are a whizz at spreadsheets and pivot tables, we could probably name 1000 motorsport companies (given time!) that you could apply to. If you’re great at building relationships and have some technical knowledge of the automotive industry or cars in general, we could probably find you 100 jobs in motorsport in the UK alone. The motorsport industry, like every other, needs bean counters, logistics co-ordinators (yeah, we don’t really know what they do either!), marketing managers, buyers, project managers (again, not a clue!) the list goes on!

Chances are you are working in a completely different industry right now looking to break into motorsport. Most businesses would prefer to employ an expert in their field, with a proven track record with a healthy interest in motorsport. Industry specific knowledge can be learnt either on the job or via CPD and industry designed qualifications.

You will find a list of examples of commercial motorsport roles over on our new Motorsport Management Careers page.

2. Think Outside of the Search Box

What searches do you put into Google when you are job hunting? Jobs in motorsport management won’t just appear because you type in ‘jobs in motorsport management’! There are thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of jobs in motorsport management which won’t even contain the words ‘motorsport’ or ‘race team’ and ‘racing’. So, where do you start if you’re looking for motorsport jobs?

Jobs in motorsport are plentiful. The types of employers in the industry are also numerous. From manufacturers, parts suppliers, teams, specialist agencies, motorsport is a big business. One of the best ways to find jobs in motorsport is to do some research and start with a hitlist.

To start with, look at your local area as unless you’re at a career level where you’d consider relocating, you’ll want to limit your commute. Look for automotive businesses, local racetracks, race teams, manufacturers, look at sponsors of race teams. Then look on those company’s website as many of the larger ones will have a careers page.

Also look at specialist recruiters in the industry. There are a few recruitment consultants and head-hunters who specialise in jobs in motorsport management and engineering and this will give you a great idea of the types of jobs available in the industry. Racestaff are one of the best in the business and have been going longer than any other motorsport jobs board.

Don’t be afraid to go-large! Look at the big boys and girls of the industry. The F1 teams, the big race organisers and racing series. For instance, Formula E are currently looking for a Sustainability Manager and a Licensing & Retail Manager – both great motorsport management jobs and available right now! Make a hitlist of all of the major players and don’t stop until you find job of your dreams!

3. Be Realistic

Your expectations are key to finding and securing a job in motorsport management. We’re not saying you’ll never make it to the big leagues but be careful to pace yourself and be realistic! Starting at the bottom can be a big boot to your ego if you’re already working in management in a different industry so weigh up how much it really means to you and whether sacrificing for a pay cut and lesser job title are worth it for the bigger picture.

Look at smaller teams or manufacturers where you can cut your teeth in the industry or…

4. Get Qualified

We’re not saying that everyone needs a degree to succeed in motorsport management, and this isn’t a sales ploy. Well, maybe a little, but it’s still based on facts! If you have a specialist qualification in the industry you want to work in, you will stand a better chance of success in the virtual paper-sift than other candidates! The new NMA/De Montfort University MA Business of Motorsport was designed in response to industry feedback. There were plenty of ‘good’ candidates out there for management positions, but they lacked industry specific knowledge. It’s the same in all industries. But how do you get the knowledge without being given the chance? If you already have a degree, you have experience to back up your specialism.

Say you’re a management accountant who’s a rallying addict. You have no experience but love the sport. Having a commercial motorsport qualification can back up that passion with knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. They can teach you about the contractual and legal ramifications of the sport, the financial management principles and how they differ from other industries.

5. Solve the Chicken & Egg Conundrum

Back to the social media trolls…. Another point often made on social media is that it’s impossible to get the required experience or knowledge that employers ask for without having the chance to do the job in the first place. It’s actually a fair comment and very difficult in many fields where the hands-on skills absolutely have to be learn on the job, such as motorsport engineering. There’s less of an excuse when it comes to jobs in motorsport management as opportunities exist to gain industry relevant skills without the doing the job in the first place.  

You may have a degree in journalism and share your passion for motorsport/fast moving things on social media – this could easily help you to gain employment in the communications or marketing department of a motorsport team or manufacturer, but the job advert specifically asks for motorsport experience. The MA Business of Motorsport and the associated Diplomas can give you solid grounding that you wouldn’t otherwise get without having the job in the first place, thus solving the chicken and egg conundrum! What’s more, it can take as little as a year to complete and can be studied from home around your current work commitments.

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